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As a lot of you know, we have had great disruptions in the tax industry due to “website upgrades”. So I have heard but whether it is an upgrade or purposeful disruptions is questionable. Individual TAX returns opened on the 1st July and the E-filing web site went down on the same morning... until further notice! Frustrated clients did not understand why we could not do registrations etc. and it sadly had a negative ripple effect. We are pleased to say E FILING is now working perfectly.

CF Filing workman’s compensation has been down for 2 weeks also due to “an upgrade”. I was just getting used to the old system and now it has changed. The government sure knows how to keep us challenged and hold Alzheimer’s at bay by stimulation our creative brains. We managed to find a link yesterday and ploughed our way through to familiar information.

So for our clients waiting for letters of good standing and ROE deposits... thank you for your patience we are trying!

As below… Happy Reading

Labour on Compensation Fund's new system to improve employer registration

The Compensation Fund (CF) has developed a new system to create a seamless process from employer registration to receiving a letter of good standing.

Vuyo Mafata, CF Commissioner, said the Fund has facilitated the introduction of the new system to expedite the registration as well as payment of claims. Mafata said the organisation was holding series of national workshops in all provinces to inform our stakeholders about that. 

Compensation Fund Deputy Director: IT, Precious Mdlokovana said:

The CF–Filing system aims to:

  • Improve the employer Registration process by converting the manual process into an electronic process and allowing employers to register on the website
  • Optimise the turnaround time for employer registrations
  • Provide an additional means for employers to electronically pay their contributions to CF upon receipt of an RoE assessment
  • Enable employer verification by allowing employers to update their details
  • Obtain Letter of Good Standing online immediately after completion of payments
  • Establishment of dedicated Call Centre competency to handle CF-Filing related queries.

She said in terms of this system:

  • New employers will be able to register their businesses at the Fund’s portal (5 STEP PROCESS)
  • Registered employers will be able to update their details on the portal.
  • No need to submit Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) documents – Online Validations effected
  • No need to submit ID documents – Online validations
  • Allows 3rd Party registrations on behalf of the employers as proxies
  • Manual data capture errors will dramatically be reduced as information will no longer be captured but rather be updated systematically.
  • With the automation of the employer Registration: 10 to 15 minute turnaround time.

Mafata also speaks about the role of the Compensation Fund as well as the new proposed Coid Bill. The Bill aims to increase social security coverage through the removal of the express exclusion of domestic workers as employees. Speaking about the return to work and rehabilitation program, Farzana Fakir, Chief Director: Orthotics; said the Fund was committed to creating an environment that was accessible to a person with disability.

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Website Upgrades and Disruptions - Tax Industry News

Website Upgrades and Disruptions - Tax Industry News

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As a lot of you know, we have had great disruptions in the tax industry due...
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